It is self serving to hand pick bills that are non-controversial and show my vote and ignore the others. The competition does that too well, showing how I voted when they pick those unpopular bills. As a State Representative, we need to vote on all bills and the reason for the vote is not always clear. As a member of the General Court, you need to hear both sides of an argument before making a decision and keep in mind the oath you took to support and defend the US and NH Constitutions.

So, I invite you to look at the voting record yourselves by using the links below and see how I voted in the last term.  I list all five reps to give you a basis for comparison.


Click on your District Representative's name to see how they voted in the last session

District 27 - Hollis

Jim Bélanger

Carolyn Gargasz



Be careful when looking at voting records. 
YEA vote on OTP is a vote IN FAVOR of the bill.
YEA vote on ITL  is a vote AGAINST the bill.
       ITL Inexpedient to Legislate        Recommit Send back to committee
       OTP Ought to Pass        FLAM Floor Amendment
       OTP/AM Ought to Pass with Amendment        HB House Bill
       NT New Title        SB Senate Bill  
       AM Amended or Amendment