Personal Information


     I was born & raised in Van Buren, Maine; a small town on the Canadian border with New Brunswick.  I graduated High School in Caribou, Maine (1960) and entered the US Navy right after graduation.  While in the Navy, 7,000 sailors applied for an appointment to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis Maryland.  Of those 7,000; 300 of us ranked high enough in various testing to make it to the Naval Academy Prep School in Bainbridge Maryland for a year.  Of those 300, 75 of us made it into the US Naval Academy, class of 1966 and entered Plebe Year in 1962.  I left the Academy in 1963 and married Sandra St Pierre who was also born, raised and graduated High School in Van Buren, Maine.

     Sandy and I are both fluent in Acadian French, were married in Washington DC, settled in NH and raised 4 children in Hollis.  We started a small business in our basement in Nashua in 1968 before we moved our residence and business to Hollis in 1971.  Sandy and I grew that business to a high of 12 employees and decided to sell it in 2006.  This business started as Belanger's Electronics but we incorporated it as Beltronics, Inc.  This business remained on Proctor Hill Road until 2015 when it moved to Nashua for a more spacious facility.  Beltronics continues to specialize in public safety wireless communications & dispatch centers as well as enhanced audio systems.

     After 8 years in the US Navy, I was employed by Sanders Associates in Nashua NH as an Engineer's Assistant (EA) as a result of my top secret clearance and background in electronic counter measures radar systems.  I was later promoted to a "Company Engineer" where I was assigned to the Test Equipment division designing test stands.  After four years with Sanders, I was a victim of "Peter's Principal".  This is where a person who is good at what they do and is successful gets promoted to a level of incompetence.  Seldom do we realize this is happening since getting a promotion is so welcome, with added prestige and pay, that we seldom refuse it.  Being at the top of my present occupation and management wanting to promote me, Sanders Associates made me a "Company Engineer".  This is a non degree position and places one in the same position and pay grade as degreed engineers.  After about six months of success in this new position, I was asked to design Test Equipment to the component level.  I had been designing on a lower level and my proposals had won a contract to build.  Not being a design engineer, I could see the writing on the wall and decided it was time to make a major change.  The company offered me a position in Portland Maine but, it was obvious to me that my new title "Company Engineer" was going to put me up against road block after road block and a change was needed.  Having been doing electronics repairs on a part time basis in my Nashua basement, I decided to move to a place where I could live and conduct a business on a full time basis.  So, Sandy and I moved to Hollis and started our own business as Belanger's Electronics which was later incorporated as Beltronics, Inc.  We grew this business from a basic TV Repair shop to a highly regarded wireless communications company specializing in public safety communications in dispatch centers and public safety vehicles as well as industrial applications.  The business was sold to an employee in 2006.

     I immediately got involved in the community.  While we were just moving in to our new home in Hollis, the fire trucks came whizzing by to answer a call.  I dropped everything and followed to help.  I had grown up in a town with a volunteer fire department and knew that all the help available was usually welcome.  I joined the Hollis Fire Department right away.  Before even moving to Hollis, I had been involved in Nashua with the Police Department.  At the time, Nashua had what they called "Civil Defense Police" and I had been a member of that force.  We carried no weapons but served with other full time police officers.  So, it was a natural move to join the part time police department in Hollis as soon as I moved in.  From there, it was one volunteer effort after another.  I remember being asked if I had time to serve in any new position in which I opted to serve.  I simply said it was a matter of giving up one to get into the other as there were only a certain amount of hours in a day.  I served the Hollis Fire Department for 25 years and the Police Department for 22 years.

     Being active at Town Meetings, I found new areas where I thought I could be of service to the town and my first public elected office on the Hollis School Board.  I served 6 years on the Hollis School Board (before there was a Co-Op) before moving on to serve another 6 years as a Selectman. A selectman, when I served, met twice a week (every Monday and Wednesday) and there were only three of us.  From there, it was one elected or appointed position after another as the need arose or my gut told me to jump in and help.  I am still very involved in the community and have served in almost every appointed and/or elected position possible and feel I can serve the community of Hollis at the State level by bringing this vast local experience to Concord as a State Representative.

     My friends keep telling me to "blow my own horn" and to list other achievements.  I hesitate to take credit for things that were accomplished as a team of several.  It seems some take 100% credit for something when they had a 10% involvement and I have always thought that was not right.  However, I have been instrumental in a team effort to get the Hollis VFW Post started in Hollis in 1992 and was the first commander of the post for two years.  I then was elected as Commander again in 2004 and served as commander until 2015.  I was on the front lines in getting the Hollis Rescue Squad up and operating and was on the first Ambulance Crew as a certified EMT and CPR instructor.  I initiated Candidate's Forums with the town and later shifted that event to operate under the wings of the Hollis-Brookline Rotary Club.  I have served on the Board of Directors for the Hillsborough County Fair since 1976 (and am still doing so) and am now an Honorary Director.  A 12 year member of the Rotary Club with perfect attendance (weekly meetings) I served as the President of the Hollis-Brookline Rotary for one year when the club was operating in the "red".  A year later, the club was solvent and on good financial standing.  I was actively involved, serving as the Vice Chair, of the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative (SVTC) which provides door to door bus service to residents of Hollis, Brookline, Amherst and Milford five days per week for Doctor and social service appointments to any resident of those participating communities.  I was instrumental in getting the town meeting to fund this activity, for Hollis, by adding $1.00 per year to auto registrations. I have been coordinating Memorial Day activities for over 24 years and supervise the decoration of our cemeteries for that event every year. 

     I could go on and bore you to death with details on every aspect of my service to community.  But, if you simply look at my experience on the "Experience" page and read between the lines, you will get the idea.  If you are a resident of our town and are familiar with boards of selectmen, budget committees, planning boards, etc., you can certainly fill in the details of my service in those positions.

     I guess I can close this dissertation by saying that I stepped down from being the Moderator of the Hollis School District and the Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School District after 10 and 15 years respectively and was elected as the Hollis Town Moderator in 2010 to succeed the retiring Dr. Jim Squires. I was his Assistant Moderator for 14 years.  I continue to serve as Town Moderator.