Elections, when, where and why

Hollis elects 2 Reps in District 27 and 1 Rep in District 40




In even numbered years, prospective Candidates for State office sign up to run with the Town Clerk in June.


In even numbered years, the September Primary allows you to select a Republican or a Democratic ballot (Undeclared voters have a choice of either) and vote.  You will be asked to vote for the candidates for the House of Representatives as well as other offices.


After the June sign-up, if there are any open slots in either party's ballot, the party can submit candidates.


After the September Primary selects candidates for each party, Ballots with the winners from each party will be prepared for the General Election in November.


The September Primary Election ballot for Hollis will show candidates on each party's ballot and voters must select no more than two from each party in District 27 and one from each party in District 40.


The General Election in November will have ballots where all voters, regardless of party registration, will vote for two candidates on the ballot in District 27 and one in District 40. Winners here will be the elected Representatives for the upcoming legislative 2 year period.