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Hollis Residents

 It has been a pleasure and quite an experience in representing you in our NH State Legislature these past 9 years.  Due to health reasons, I had to end my term early. 

District 27

Jim Bélanger

District 40

Hollis, Milford
 Mont Vernon, New Boston

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I can only promise to do my best to represent all of you.  I can only please all of you, some of the time but not all of you all of the time.  If we are on the same side 80% of the time; I feel good about it and so should you.

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     So, why should you keep electing me in the State Primary Election and then in the General Election?  I have served my community well over the past 40 plus years and I believe I have the local experience to represent your interests in Concord.  I have felt the frustration of wondering if those in Concord have lived in our shoes and know our pain.  I won't make empty promises here about reducing taxes, limiting spending and making life easier on everyone.  I am one of over 400 representatives (400 Reps and 24 Senators) and will apply my best to each vote that comes up before the House.  I won't win every battle but I'll be in there for the fight.  Not all my votes will please you but I always stand ready to justify why I voted the way I did.  Sometimes a compromise is better than a defeat.  I won't complain about an issue unless I have a suggested solution to it and expect no less from you.  I will be here to listen to your concerns and attempt to address each one.  I will examine every bill that comes before the House in the legislative session and evaluate its effect on you, my neighbors.  And, if someone asks me to sponsor a bill that is not in the best interests of our communities, I will not placate them by a false show of support but will tell them how I see it and why.  I will not, however, refuse to introduce a bill that you (my constituent) insists I sponsor.  That is my job as your representative!  I don't have a pre-set agenda and won't be introducing bills just for the publicity. In an off year, there are about 600 bills introduced and in the election year, about 900.  Perhaps many of those extra 300 are from new legislators serving their first term.  I've always felt, if you moved to one of our towns because you liked it, don't come in and try to change it.  If I can't make it better, I'd rather leave it alone. 

     Passing taxes on to the local community because of changes in State policy is not in keeping with our commitments on unfunded mandates and I will actively attempt to defeat such efforts.  The State Retirement system now allows an employee to retire with pay based on the last year's earnings.  This promotes the upcoming retiree (with the help of co-workers) to work tons of overtime to boost retirement pay.  Many retire with more income than they made in a 40 hour week when working.  Retirement pay should be based on a standard 40 hour work week salary.  I support changes in the retirement system to make it more like private industry. Local communities have enough to take care of without funding the State retirement system too.

     I will represent you, residents of Hollis, in all my actions and make sure my votes reflect that. What does that mean?  It means I won't blindly vote the "party line" if it doesn't benefit most of you, the residents.  We don't need to find new tax revenue, we need to downsize our operations to fit our budget, just like you and I do at home. Let the economy bring in new revenue and let's live within our budgets.

     I will be running on the Republican ballot but you don't see me advocating the overthrow of all Democrats or filling the House of Representative with all Republicans.  There are good people doing their best to represent voters on both sides. And, having a one-minded mentality provides no checks and balances.  We all need to hear an opposing point of view to test ours and see if our thinking is good or flawed.  Debate, Adjustment & Compromise always brings out the best result. So, look at the folks that are running for office and vote for the people that best represent your values. 

     Representing you?  How do I do that?  Unfortunately, if you are happy with the way I am doing things and how I vote, I don't hear from you.  So, who do I hear from?  Those that have no idea how I will vote or want to influence me in a different direction.  Are those the ones who elected me to represent them?  Probably not.  So, listening to the input I get is, perhaps, not responding to the majority I represent.  That makes it hard for me and other representatives who try to be responsive to their constituents.  I will find out if I am doing what most of you want when the election results start turning away from my favor.  When that happens, either I change or stop running.  Thanks for your support.